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Maidencreek Township Authority

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Maidencreek Township Authority


We at the authority want to provide water to our customers that is of the highest quality while being at an affordable price with the highest level of service, ensuring around the clock service and a concern to any problem from our entire organization. Delivering dependable, quality, affordable water is the goal to our customers.

The Authority was established on, and is a body corporate and politic, organized under the Municipal Authorities act.

SPECIAL NOTE: The MTA is NO longer accepting CASH payments. Acceptable forms of payment will be a CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ONLY. 


Account Collection Procedures - Calendar of Events 2017-2018

Event 1st QTR 2nd QTR 3rd QTR 4th QTR 
 Start of Billing CycleJAN 1 APR 1 JUL 1 OCT 1 
 Date Meters are ReadJAN 1 to 15 APR 1 to 15 JUL 1 to 15 OCT 1 to 15 
 Months Contained in Billing CycleOCT, NOV, DEC JAN, FEB, MAR APR, MAY, JUN JUL, AUG, SEPT 
 Date Bill is mailed to CustomerJAN  31APR 30 JUL 31 OCT 31 
 Penalty Posting - Date 10% Penalty Added to BillMAR 2 JUN 2 SEPT 6 DEC 5 
 Date Late Notices are MailedMAR 6 JUN 6 SEPT 7 DEC 6 
 Date when Late Notice Payments are DueMAR 31 JUN 30 SEP 30 DEC 31 
 Date MTA Board Approves Shut-Off ListAPR 20 JULY 20OCT  19JAN  18
 Date when Shut-Off Lists are Mailed and Posted to DoorAPR 21 JULY 21OCT 20JAN 19
 Date when Customer is Shut-Off for Non-Payment MAY 1 JULY 31 OCT 30JAN 29

             NOTE:  IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR BILL IN THE MAIL BY FEB. 15th, MAY 15th, AUG 15th & NOV 15th,                                                  PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE AT   610-926-4173